Sibling Displacement

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Sibling horseplay goes too far when big brother gets caught in another dimension. Can little sis fix her invention in time to bring him back?

This little film skit was shot in just a couple of afternoons and was intended to be an experiment with using green screen outdoors and creating visual effects for the portal and the “Time-Space Displacement Portal Device”. However, due to some hard lessons learned about shooting with a green screen outdoors, it also became an experiment in Rotoscoping in Adobe After Effects. A lot of tedious masking and frame-by-frame rotoscoping went into this short bit of film. Although this was a very short production, we learned some valuable lessons and new skills that will enhance¬†upcoming productions, like Stalemate, incredibly.

I’d like to note that Naomi contributed hugely to the conceptualization and construction of the time-space displacement portal device. The device was built the night before the first shooting day and it was awesome to see her eyes light up and the smoke pour out of her ears as she went to work devising this little thing made out of toy parts and spare electronics. Although they didn’t make it through to the final edit, the device actually made sounds when activated.

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