New mini trailer for a promo movie for The Meeting Place on Market in Lima, Ohio. Composed of the first footage available from filming to convey the look and feel we hope to achieve with the movie along with some of the plot elements. The short film will tell an entertaining story while highlighting the restaurant in an unobtrusive way.

Fictional plot of digital espionage and corporate greed addresses coffee shop’s interest in global concerns while highlighting the restaurant

It’s so awesome! We are so geeked about this project.The Meeting Place on Market, a great little coffee shop in Lima, Ohio, has commissioned Noble Warrior Studios to produce a short film that will provide an entertaining experience for viewers while showcasing the restaurant’s many cool features, like Fair Trade coffee, a Grab N Go cooler, meeting space available for conferences, three separate restaurant areas with different atmospheres, a healthy menu lineup and — most importantly — awesome coffee!

The movie is currently titled Revealed, and the plot involves two young people who expose a corrupt corporation that is taking advantage of abused workers overseas. Damning evidence in the form of digital documents procured over the internet and encrypted on a laptop make the heroes the target of dangerous corporate thugs as they attempt to get the evidence into the hands of authorities.

The Meeting Place On Market - Downtown Lima, Ohio
The Meeting Place On Market – Downtown Lima, Ohio

The Meeting Place and co-owner Jennifer Brogee are huge supporters of the arts. The coffee shop regularly hosts exhibits by local artists and performances by local musicians. Promoting the shop and its coffee brand, KaffeeScape, through a short film is a natural fit for this progressive business.

Jennifer is also concerned with global economic, environmental and sustainability issues,  especially when it comes to making sure laborers in foreign get a fair shake for the work they perform. The Meeting Place proudly serves a variety of Fair Trade coffees and makes Fair Trade merchandise available in its gift shop. To bring further awareness to foreign labor issues, The Meeting Place and Noble Warrior Studios decided on a movie plot that involved the abuse of laborers in a foreign manufacturing facility owned by an American company. Of course, all the companies and individuals in the movie are fictitious, but they are modeled after realistic circumstances.

REVEALED heroes David (Alex Parker) and Kaitlyn (Alyssa Drexler) meet for the first time at The Meeting Place on Market.
The heroes of REVEALED attempt to escape dangerous corporate thugs and race to release evidence that could save thousands of lives.