Customer Success Story Videos & Video Case Studies

Your Best Customers Are Your Best Salespeople.

Nothing boosts sales more than the smile of a highly satisfied customer who is happy to sing your praises. Customer success story videos, from Noble Warrior Studios, let prospects see the enthusiasm and sense of satisfaction your customers experience and give them an opportunity to see how your solutions worked for others.

Referrals, recommendations, testimonials, and references have always been a part of the sales process. But they have never been more important than they are in today’s market. With the increased advertising chatter and marketing hype on TV, radio and the internet, consumers and business purchasers alike rely heavily on the recommendations of others to help them make solid purchasing decisions.

Putting the faces and words of your most satisfied customers in front of prospects, using a customer success story video, helps them cut through the chatter and realize they can depend on you.

Get the Noble Warrior Advantage

“John created a stunning success story, working from limited information. He dug into the details and created a beautiful story that reads well and looks great. So if you need a case study or success story done for you, John Fike is the guy for you.”

— Mark McCreary
Founder, e-mail list service

Noble Warrior’s producer and director John Fike got his start in the world of media as a journalist. He quickly developed a reputation for writing intriguingĀ profile stories about individuals and businesses. Later, as a freelance copywriter, John honed this skill writing case studies and customer success stories to help companies market their businesses. Applying his interview skills, marketing knowledge, and innate sense for good story, John wrote captivating customer success stories and case studies that successfully captured the excitement and thrill of customers who had received excellent service while detailing the specifics that helped readers understand the features of the products and services involved.

Now John brings those talents to bear conducting interviews and writing scripts for Noble Warriors’ clients, ensuring they contain all the same important elements that made his profile articles and written success stories so dynamic and powerful. Additionally, John and the Noble Warrior crew apply their cinematic vision and skill with the camera to transform your clients’ testimonies into video productions that are as visually stunning and captivating as they are compelling and memorable.

Marketing Advantages

  • Increase credibility with video PROOF of satisfied customers
  • Inspire prospects to take action with evidence of others’ successes
  • Educate customers about your product or service
  • Help prospects identify with cases already solved by your product or service
  • Make your brand “sticky” with stories people can remember
  • Feed prospects’ need for evidence
  • Reduce prospects’ perceived level of risk
  • Cut through pricing debates by building confidence in your product or service
  • Showcase the effectiveness of your product or service in real circumstances
  • Illustrate specific features and details of interest to specific kinds of clients
  • Reduce the need for live references and referral calls

The Advantage of Video

  • Lock in the viewer’s attention
  • Say more in less time
  • Let the customer’s satisfaction shine through first hand
  • Attract more attention online
  • More memorable

Possible Uses

  • Use on websites and social media
  • Include in television ads and presentations
  • Display at trade shows
  • Use in sales presentations
  • Include in sales package materials
  • Send links to videos in emails