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Photography A Wrap on REVEALED

All right! Principal photography has come to a wrap on REVEALED. The film is officially in post-production now. We have a few follow-up shots yet to get, but they’re just a few insert and establishing shots here and there. All the major sets and scenes are finis! Filming Revealed was a different experience than filming …

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I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

It always feels like I’m caught off guard when the filming date finally rolls around. Even though I’ve kept a close eye on the calendar and taking all the steps to put everything in place. Even though, for weeks, it’s seemed like filming day would never come, all of a sudden it’s here and I …

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Meeting Place on Market Hires Noble Warrior Studios for Narrative Advertising Movie — a Short Film to Promote their Business

New concept trailer for a promo movie for The Meeting Place on Market in Lima, Ohio . Composed of stock footage to represent the look and feel we hope to achieve with the movie. The short film will tell an entertaining story while highlighting the restaurant in an unobtrusive way. Fictional plot of digital espionage …

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