Meeting Place on Market Hires Noble Warrior Studios for Narrative Advertising Movie — a Short Film to Promote their Business

New concept trailer for a promo movie for The Meeting Place on Market in Lima, Ohio . Composed of stock footage to represent the look and feel we hope to achieve with the movie. The short film will tell an entertaining story while highlighting the restaurant in an unobtrusive way.

Fictional plot of digital espionage and corporate greed addresses coffee shop’s interest in global concerns while highlighting the restaurant

It’s so awesome! We are so geeked about this project.The Meeting Place on Market, a great little coffee shop in Lima, Ohio, has commissioned Noble Warrior Studios to produce a short film that will provide an entertaining experience for viewers while showcasing the restaurant’s many cool features, like Fair Trade coffee, a Grab N Go cooler, meeting space available for conferences, three separate restaurant areas with different atmospheres, a healthy menu lineup and — most importantly — awesome coffee!

The movie is currently titled Revealed, and the plot involves two young people who expose a corrupt corporation that is taking advantage of abused workers overseas. Damning evidence in the form of digital documents procured over the internet and encrypted on a laptop make the heroes the target of dangerous corporate thugs as they attempt to get the evidence into the hands of authorities.

The Meeting Place On Market - Downtown Lima, Ohio
The Meeting Place On Market – Downtown Lima, Ohio

The Meeting Place and co-owner Jennifer Brogee are huge supporters of the arts. The coffee shop regularly hosts exhibits by local artists and performances by local musicians. Promoting the shop and its coffee brand, KaffeeScape, through a short film is a natural fit for this progressive business.

Jennifer is also concerned with global economic, environmental and sustainability issues,  especially when it comes to making sure laborers in foreign get a fair shake for the work they perform. The Meeting Place proudly serves a variety of Fair Trade coffees and makes Fair Trade merchandise available in its gift shop. To bring further awareness to foreign labor issues, The Meeting Place and Noble Warrior Studios decided on a movie plot that involved the abuse of laborers in a foreign manufacturing facility owned by an American company. Of course, all the companies and individuals in the movie are fictitious, but they are modeled after realistic circumstances.

Marketing with a Movie

A movie project like this, in which a business or product or service is showcased for the purpose of marketing, is what we call a Narrative Advertising Movie. Unlike standard advertisements or corporate videos, the narrative advertising movie does not emphasize a product or brand directly by holding it up to the audience’s face. Rather, it focuses on telling a story in the entertaining fashion of a regular movie and showcases the product or service through the use of it in the movie. In the case of Revealed, The Meeting Place on Market becomes the central location of the movie when a geo-lock is placed on the main character’s computer. The computer, which contains information everyone is after, can only be accessed at The Meeting Place, allowing plenty of opportunities to highlight a variety of the coffee shop’s features, including various reasons people choose to do business there.

The objective with narrative advertising movies is to attract a willing audience and give them information about a product or service in a way that is not so “in your face” as traditional advertising. Instead of competing for attention against other advertisers with more “loudness,” narrative advertising movies provide audiences with a form of entertainment they are already looking for — movies! And while the audience is enjoying a movie, they are also getting a taste of what the product or service is like. However, the goal is NOT to “trick” audiences into watching a commercial. To be successful, the project must instill a positive feeling about the company behind the movie. To achieve this, sponsorship of the movie is made clear from the very beginning. It’s in the opening titles. It’s in the closing credits. It’s on the web pages, links, and promotion spaces surrounding and leading up to the movie.

Another expected outcome from narrative advertising movies is a positive boost to brand reputation. Put more succinctly, it ups the company’s cool factor. Consumers love it when a business cares enough about them to focus more on entertaining them and providing them with a good experience than convincing them to buy stuff. When customers are deciding what brand to choose, a good reputation is easier to remember than specifications and features.

Narrative advertising movies can also offer opportunities to suggest uses for a product or services through storytelling. For example, in Revealed, a scene is planned in which the main character (a freelance graphic designer) is meeting with a client at The Meeting Place. He meets with clients there because he works out of his apartment, which is not really appropriate for meeting clients at. The scene suggests that The Meeting Place offers small, home-based businesses a place to meet clients comfortably — an activity that occurs frequently at the coffee shop. By surrounding the suggested use of a product or service with a story, the idea embeds itself more readily in the viewer’s subconscious memory for later recall when it becomes relevant.

There are many advantages to using narrative advertising movies to promote a product, brand or service. In addition to those mentioned above, they also expose audiences to the subject matter longer, allow coverage of more details, and hold a viewer’s interest longer. If you’d like to find out how your business or brand could benefit from a narrative advertising movie, please give us a call at 419-905-0324 or send us an email at and we’ll schedule a time to talk.

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